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Maya Dolena
I received multi-million dollar education and experience while working in a Fortune 20 company. I am now sharing it with you.

WinningEdgeUniv.COM is dedicated to bringing education, experiences and tools
to give YOU the Winning Edge.

Winning Edge University
in Hawaii

Client Benefits

Our goal is your business success
and personal success..

"Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is." --Zig Ziglar


We have a very strong commitment to your success. We do not employ teachers. We bring our highly experienced leaders, consultants and coaches who have proven their abilities in various business industries to work with you. As part of our commitment, we offer to you, our client, all of the benefits in this program. By attending one of our learning labs or engaging in our coaching program, you are entitled to alumni status and all our benefits, free:

• Membership in our online alumni group
Choice of One: One-day workshop on Behavioral Interviewing or Resume Writing (offered quarterly), or one personal coaching session
Monthly Group Teleconference with one of our consultants
• Access to tools, articles and other resources reserved for alumni
Monthly Newsletter, The EDGE
• Special Offers and Discounts

Stay tuned because as we grow, we will be adding more benefits for you.


Our Purpose is to provide excellent knowledge, education and business experiences
at an affordable tuition.

Our Vision is to create a healthy, self-sufficient Hawaiian economy.
Our Mission is to educate 1000 business students by December, 2009.

We bring you highly experienced business leaders, coaches and consultants to share their knowledge with you. You will have access to the same education delivered to many business executives in well-known corporations.

If you have any questions, please call Maya Dolena, Director at 808 965-1899.

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If you have attended the entire course and completed all the exercises and did not find the course beneficial to you, your tuition will be applied to another course of your choice or cheerfully refunded.
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Maya Dolena, Director at 808 965-1899