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Maya Dolena
I received multi-million dollar education and experience while working in a Fortune 20 company. I am now sharing it with you.

WinningEdgeUniv.COM is dedicated to bringing education, experiences and tools
to give YOU the Winning Edge.

Winning Edge University
of Hawaii

Winning Edge Teams
The difference that makes the difference!

What is the difference?

The difference between a team and a" winning edge" team is the difference between average results and exceptional results.

What could you achieve if you had an organization of winning edge teams?

Because in every sense, they are a "team", they perform at a very high level of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Because they resolve issues and conflicts quickly and easily, they can focus more on achievement. These teams are motivative, creative and innovative.

What does it take to have a winning edge team and can it be built?

Winning edge teams have a common purpose, have clarity about their vision and goals, and are committed to their mission.
They have a mutual respect for each other and trust one another.
They have a bond that goes beyond their work.
They know that they are better together.

People want to be associated with success and a winning team. They just need to learn new skills and new ways of working as a team.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. -- Michael Jordan

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. -- Andrew Carnegie


With extreme competition in business, with a fluctuating economy, with rising costs of doing business, how can you afford average results? What issues are you facing that could be solved with everyone on working on the same goals, understanding the overall business, supporting each other, giving their all?

Outcomes: In two exciting days, you learn 10 characteristics of winning edge teams and how to create the environment for those to flourish. You will learn 10 principles and skills necessary to build winning edge teams and how to apply them to your teams. You will make progress or solve a business issue and have an action plan when you leave. What are you waiting for? If not now, when?

"There is no way we could have achieved this level of success without the education, methods and coaching we received through this course. The team is "cooking" in way that was hard to hope for six months ago.
-- D. Robertson, GM, Home Products Division

When a team is mis-aligned, everyone is still doing their best, but going in different directions. Applying methods to get clear and move forward in co-ordinated action, progress is made and goals achieved.

"What impressed me the most, was the synergy created during the workshop that carried through the following months. We got into a great zone." -- J. Ritchie, Manager, Printer Components Mfg.

The team includes the everyone involved including the manager. When everyone works and learns together, an unbeatable bond is created that is motivating and exciting.

"We have been working on this issue for over six months. I am amazed the team was able to find a solution and put a plan in place during the workshop! -- Senny B, Manager, Consumer Channels

Innovation and creativity are natural by-products of an aligned team.

A winning edge team is waiting to be born. Most individuals have the capabilities to contribute to and perform as a member of a great team. The leader's job is to provide the vision, the methods and the environment where the individuals can coalesce as a single, focused unit.


With appropriate customizations, this learning lab is for ...
~~ Executives who must build a powerful leadership team
~~ Business managers and leaders who are focused on getting business results through their teams
~~ Business management and leadership teams who must be aligned around strategy and execution
~~ Business managers and their team members who must align and co-ordinate actions
~~ Self-directed teams who are committed to achieving greater results

~ In this course, you learn the critical team building skills to achieve high performance, methods to align around purpose, effective communication methods to insure powerful collaboration and to resolve conflicts quickly.

~~ Ten principles of a winning edge team
~~ Effective communication skills for instilling purpose, vision, mission and strategy
~~ Powerful mindsets and distinctions to provide clarity of business goals from vision to action
~~ Dynamic method for learning and adjusting faster than the competition
~~ Proven methods gaining alignment and excitement for business goals
Methods for negotiating and collaborating for a "true" win-win
~~ Simple method for insuring accountable action
~~ Effective process for conflict management to quickly resolve issues
~~ Effective model for making decisions that are clear and action oriented

A business is only as great as its people. A strong team of employees is a key success factor.
How do you inspire and motivate your people to greater achievement?

Working toward a common purpose where each person can see a benefit for themselves is a great motivating factor. Your own capabilities for getting results, negotiating, collaborating and selling will be enhanced with tools and methodology to gain support and alignment for your business goals.

If you have attended the entire course and completed all the exercises and did not find the course beneficial to you, your tuition will be applied to another course of your choice or cheerfully refunded.
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Maya Dolena, Director at 808 965-1899