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Maya Dolena
I received multi-million dollar education and experience while working in a Fortune 20 company. I am now sharing it with you.

WinningEdgeUniv.COM is dedicated to bringing education, experiences and tools
to give YOU the Winning Edge.

Winning Edge University
of Hawaii

Show Up Powerfully!
Get out of your comfort zone and into your dynamic zone.

If you could stand confident and handle any situation thrown at you, would it be worth your time to learn how?

How many of us show up in our full power in challenging situations?
How do you show up in a diverse set of circumstances?
Are you caught of guard? Can you think quickly on your feet?
Even in situations that you know are intimidating to you, are you able to handle the situation effectively and easily?

This "Show Up" method was developed by a leadership coaching company for coaching successful global leaders who must show up with confidence and in their power in many diverse situations--or it may mean millions of dollars left on the table.

"Show Up" has been taught and used in several global companies.

YOU have access to this powerful method
in a two day highly experiential and effective Learning Lab.

"80% of success is just showing up." --Woody Allen

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable
when you try something new." -- Brian Tracy, author, business entrepreneur and motivational speaker


What prevents a saleswoman from passionately rousing her all male team? What prevents a business man from clearly stating his requirements for a deal? What prevents a manager from giving constructive feedback to his employees to get better performance?. What prevents a leader from clearly relaying her vision? They are fully capable and physically able to express themselves differently.

Typically limiting beliefs and inability to access our vast skills at the time we most need them are obstacles to showing up fully. Get the results you want by removing everything in the way and allowing your talents to shine.

Outcomes: In two exciting days, you learn to a method to identify and separate your limiting beliefs in order to dispel them forever. You will illuminate your skills and talents in a way you have not done
before. You will experience exercises to access exactly what you need when you need it. So, bring yourself as your lab project and leave as a new and improved YOU.
Are you ready? If not now, when?

"Wow, I feel like a different person. I know I can get that promotion now." --Sandra C, OD, AMD

"I was amazed at how this works. I closed that big deal that was hanging open forever." Robert S, Agilent


How do you show up in unexpected situations? Do you become anxious, uncomfortable or stressed?
"You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you."
- Brian Tracy

Showing Up
A very important competency for any business person is the ability to show up powerfully in any situation.
In this course, You will be able to assess your capabilities and capacities in a way you may not have ever done before. You will examine your limiting beliefs and latent capabilities that prevent you from "Showing Up."

In this course, you will
~ Use an exercise to assess your own talents and abilities
~ Learn models and distinctions to determine what you need for various situations
~ Have a method for organizing your capabilities into limitless "Show Up" sets
~ Receive education regarding your mindsets including beliefs
and attitudes
~ Design your three most important "Show Up" sets
Learn to access and ignite these "Show UP" sets when you need them
~ Role play various scenarios to anchor your sets
~ Present your most important "Show UP" set
to the group
~ Receive peer coaching and personal coaching during the course

You will also have greater confidence and a sense of Self greater than any situation
you encounter.

This is a fun course to get you out of your comfort zone and into your dynamic zone.

If you have attended the entire course and completed all the exercises and did not find the course beneficial to you, your tuition will be applied to another course of your choice or cheerfully refunded.
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Maya Dolena, Director at 808 965-1899